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Let’s Fence Collection

Expressing my passion for airy, organic shapes led me on a quest inspired by old-school fencing masks.There, I found an amazing, cyborg-esque world. Something which I didn’t know was in me before. I’m a big David Bowie fan, and I know now the reason why, throughout the entire creation process of this collection, his song "Let's Dance" kept playing in my head. I didn’t give it much thought, but as the collection neared its completion, it became so obvious. The missing piece became clear in my mind’s eye: the caricature I designed this collection for is none other than Ziggy Stardust! In honor of the late, amazing David Bowie, I decided to name my new collection "Let's Fence." Each of the pieces are infused with the energy that his music instilled in me, and everyone is appropriately titled and crafted as an homage to him. I invested my heart and soul into every item, bringing it to perfection for you to enjoy and celebrate. I hope you'll love it as much as I do.

xx Ayu