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About AYU

Jewelry Made

AYU's jewelry collection heightens the everyday, with perfect pieces for any outfit or occasion.

Each piece is rooted in a process of experimentation before being carefully crafted to perfection. High quality materials are shaped into striking contours, resulting in innovating pieces that are sure to inspire. 

Beyond jewelry, each piece is a unique piece of art, based on a sculptural, cutting-edge approach. Life takes us in different directions, but one thing is for sure, a life with art is a life worth living.

Each piece offers the latest design, pushing both the boundaries of fashion and material, to offer an accent piece that showcases your individuality.

Glam it up or
dress it down, these are the perfect pieces for any occasion. They well with a variety of fashion styles, lending a sophisticated, urban and exclusive look to any outfit. These pieces extend the ornamental. They are essential.The collection attracts those looking to set a trend, not follow one. This artistically stunning jewelry is as unique as you are. Go ahead, express yourself.

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Each piece is created utilizing high quality materials, and the result is nothing short of remarkable. With clean, contemporary lines, the level of intention is apparent in every ring, bracelet and earring. The true essence of each piece is its ability to capture spirited passion, pushing the landscape of accessories. Curated at the hands of a sculptor, painter and designer, Ayu is beyond jewelry. It’s art.


I'm a graduate of the prestigious Bachelor of Jewelry Design Program at
Shenkar College of Engineering & Design in Ramat Gan, Israel.  As a sculptor and painter, I utilizes these skills to push the creative boundaries of my jewelry design. My artistic path started at a young age when I first experienced the touch and pliability of clay. Paint would later capture my interest, which led to studying Visual Arts at Alon High School of the Arts. The renowned secondary school fostered the exploration of the multidisciplinary arts, including printmaking, engraving, drawing and photography, which only continued to spurn my interest in pursuing a creative path. Shenkar was my first introduction to working directly with metal, which proved to challenge her perspective and open my mind to the possibility of expressing art through jewelry. Kneading and bending inviting shapes and matching them with delicate ease, my passion for designing and creating unique pieces is clear.