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Window Display

Designing the window display of the collection of jewelry was an artistic expression in and of itself. As I spread my collection of jewelry in front of me and took a moment to assess the landscape, I was immediately inspired by the idea of watercolor paintings and decided that emulating this art form would be the ideal way to both unify the collection while emphasizing each piece’s uniqueness. While searching for the right material to achieve this desired effect for the window display, I discovered unprocessed merino wool. After exploring different manipulations of the material, I uncovered a new way of felting the material to both support the integration of the pieces and highlight their individual characteristics.


The window display is made out of framed strips of airy felt, while the shelves are composed of felted loofah. I chose grayish green and smoky gray as the color palette to serve as a neutral and cohesive background to best showcase the artistic elements and contrasting shapes of the jewelry collection.